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What is a muscle knot, why does it happen and what you can do to relieve it

Most of us will experience sore muscles from time to time but how do you know when it’s more than just that? Muscle knots are sensitive, hard areas of muscle that are tense, even if the muscle is at rest. When touched, these muscles knots can also cause pain to other parts of the body.

When you touch a muscle knot, it can feel bumpy or swollen and cause an aching feeling. They are often tight, tense and sensitive to the touch. In other words, they are not nice! Muscle knots can appear all over the body but are most commonly found in the back and neck.

There are a few reasons why you might have a muscle knot, with the most common being poor posture, overdoing physical activity, injuring your muscles or living an overall sedentary lifestyle. There are other factors that can also lead to muscles knots – stress, poor sleep, dehydration, anxiety and poor diet may also contribute to the development of these painful knots.

If you find yourself suffering from muscle knots, there’s no need to worry! Although they can take time to treat, it can easily be done. You will need to break up the tissue that is knotted and calm the inflamed area, causing the knot to disappear. Resting your body can help heal muscle knots as well as making sure you are taking time to relax and recover from strenuous physical activity. Using a combination of both cold and heat can also help relieve the pain of muscle knots and target inflammation. Cold compresses can help to reduce the swelling while applying heat to the affected area loosens stiffness and relaxes the muscles.

One of the best ways, however, to treat muscle knots is through massage therapy. Massage therapy can target your areas of concern and help to increase circulation and blood flow, helping muscle knots to break up. A few sessions is usually needed to completely rid the body of muscle knots but it is a great way to relieve the pain the cause and the stiffness in your muscles.

Here at Pen Pen Wellness, we offer a deep tissue massage that is fantastic for alleviating muscle knots and the discomfort associated with them. This type of massage is used to release muscle tension by targeting the deeper layers of muscle and tissue.

There’s no need to continue living in discomfort due to muscles knots any longer!

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